Melissa J. MacDonald

Speaker. Trainer. Author. Coach. Lover of the church. Considered one of the "leading voices in children's ministry".


Melissa J. MacDonald is a seasoned veteran in the realm of ministry, boasting over two decades of dedicated service to the global community. She is a captivating speaker to audiences of all ages, an experienced coach, and a prolific author. She is profoundly committed to supporting ministry leaders and nurturing children's spiritual growth worldwide. Melissa has left her mark on organizations such as The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the International Network of Children’s Ministry, and the Global Children’s Forum. She loves kayaking, golfing, and really good food. Alongside her husband, Luis, they serve as foster and adoptive parents, making their home in Iowa where they are actively involved in their local community. She also boasts having the world’s cutest dog but admits she may be biased.

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"Mel is a dynamic speaker who I have learned so much from. Whether it's on a stage, in a bootcamp, or over Zoom in a conversation I always walk away having laughed, feeling encouraged, and a better leader."


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