Speaking Topics

Melissa speaks extensively. While often found speaking on children’s ministry-related topics you will also find her speaking on leadership, discipleship, healthy churches, soul care and more. Her humor, ability to get to the heart of the matter, storytelling, and dynamic speaking style make her popular with people and groups of all ages.

Seminars: Children’s Ministry Specific

The Art of Story 
Kids learn in story and it is by far the best medium for catching their attention, keeping it, and communicating a point. This seminar explores different storytelling techniques and also helps you develop your own stories in a way that will powerfully communicate with kids. If you speak to kids at any level this seminar is a must!

Discipling World Changers
What if we raise up a generation that changes the world, rather than the world changing them? This generation can indeed change the world. This seminar takes the learner through inspirational stories, practical ideas and biblical truth all designed to equip you to inspire this generation.

Empowering Kids to Hear and Respond to God                                                                 
Kids don’t receive a miniature Holy Spirit, they receive all of Him and He loves to speak to them. Using real life examples and practical tools this seminar will equip you to help kids hear and respond to God. Prepare to be amazed!

How a Child Listens, Learns, and Loves
Everyone has their preferred style of listening, learning, and loving. This seminar explores the four primary learning styles as well as exploring the different love languages. Using interactive examples, practical ideas, and time-honored techniques this seminar will help you walk away with a better understanding of how people listen, learn, and love. In turn, you will know better how to communicate and build relationships with them effectively.

Kids Experience the Same God You Do 
Developmental stages are important when teaching kids, but even more important is helping kids experience all of who God is. The Holy Spirit is at work in kids’ lives and that trumps any developmental stage. This seminar is designed to help you rethink how you guide kids as they experience God. Using practical ideas, biblical examples, and personal stories, this seminar will keep you engaged while challenging you.

Loving the Busy Kids
Kids today are busy and oftentimes it’s hard to capture their attention. This seminar explores ways to better love our “busy kids”. Going further than a simple list of rules or discipline techniques, this gives you a framework and practical ways to help maintain control while reaching kids where they are at. You’ll be challenged and encouraged as you look at your kids in a new light.

Making Every Minute Count
We have so few minutes at church with kids right now. We as leaders and teachers need to make sure that every minute we have we use. This seminar will help you prep for teaching, give you some practical teaching ideas, and keep you focused on what is most important: pointing kids to Jesus.

Reaching Preteens
They’re unique and challenging and oh so fun! This seminar explores reaching and keeping those preteens in your ministries. Using interviews with preteens you’ll learn what they want, what they’re looking for, and what keeps them coming back for more.

Theology that Grows
Our kids need to be taught solid theology. Theology points them back to God and that is what we want for them as they grow. Using solid theological truths in a process that will help you think this seminar will challenge you to think deeper.

Transforming Ministry
Kids ages 4-14 are now the largest unreached people group in the world. In order to reach that window we have to think in terms of transformation. Through statistics, stories, and practical tools this seminar will challenge the way you look at ministry to not only kids, but to the church as a whole.

What Does the Bible Say About Kids?
You know kids are important and I know kids are important but what does the Bible have to say? Using scripture and stories this seminar dives deep into what God has to say about kids and their impact and importance. This seminar will change how you cast vision to your leadership, how you inspire your leaders, and how you disciple your kids.

Other Seminars:

Authenticity: A Ministry Game Changer
People today are desperate for authenticity. In a world that is chronically inauthentic they are looking for what is real. As leaders we lead best when we’re authentic and real with them. Authenticity is always returned with authenticity which means this can be a game changer for your ministry.

Build a Team, Grow the Kingdom
Leading in Children’s Ministry is too difficult to do alone. We serve at our very best when we have the right people around us helping share the burden and joys of ministry. In this session, we’ll discuss strategies for building a team the uniquely fits your needs as a leader. When you build a team that works, you grow the Kingdom.

Creative Bible Teaching: 
Have you ever wanted to teach in a way that grabs people’s attention and has them wanting more of God and his Word? This seminar is highly practical and hands on. You’ll dive into practical tools and simple processes for teaching in a way that will have your audience excited to open God’s Word and apply it to their walk with Christ.

Getting and Keeping Great Volunteers
Volunteers, we all need them and for many this is a dreaded subject. However, getting and keeping great volunteers doesn’t have to be as terrifying as we so often think A shift in your focus and a different mindset may actually have volunteers coming to you. Offering practical ideas, purposeful focus shifts, and revealing the heart behind volunteers you’ll leave this seminar encouraged and inspired.

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Ministry
We all desire healthy ministries, but the reality is that the health of our ministry is directly impacted by our own personal health as leaders. Using scripture and story this seminar gives clear points and guidelines that mark healthy leaders. It will challenge you and cause you to dig deeper into who God created you to be and how you were created to lead.

Ministry to Millennials
How do you reach, work with, and learn from Millennials? This seminar gives some practical ideas for ministering to Millennials. Melissa is a Millennial and speaks from personal experience while calling her generation to do more.

Open Doors
Society is shifting, priorities are shifting, and kids and families are shifting. We as the Church can choose to ignore these shifts or we can see them as open doors for ministry and for the love of Jesus to penetrate this broken world. If we are to impact this generation with the love of Jesus some intentional shifting must take place. Creatively revealing open door opportunities for the church to love and effectively reach our broken culture. Melissa uses engaging stories, a ridiculous amount of passion, scriptural truth, and practical ideas to drive this seminar home.

Soul Care
Is your soul weary? Are you doubting what you know to be true? Do you love the people you serve but find yourself lacking the inspiration to actually serve? Our souls can easily become weary in doing good and you can burn out doing really great things. This seminar explores the importance of soul care, ways to care for your soul, and also gives you space to breathe. May you serve out of the abundance you’ve been given. May your soul be refreshed.  Designed to be a 2-3 hour session

When is the Church Not the Church?
Most churches highly value the discipleship of children and teens. However, many congregations have established programs for them that inadvertently become obstacles to the discipleship flow of the church. This seminar will help you and your team create the healthy discipleship environment so desperately needed.