Be on the Lookout

Melissa   -  

In the last few months I’ve changed how I had been praying for most of my life. Not that I was praying “wrong”, but perhaps my theology was a bit shortsighted? In the past I would pray things for other people such as, “Lord, be very near to them today.” or for myself, “God, bring some joy into my day today.”.  All good sounding things.

Recently something in me has begun to shift. I’m sure it has had to do with 2020. 2020 has seemed long and exhausting. I’ve known God is present but actually recognizing his presence has been challenging. 

With the belief that God is always present, and he’s always working I starting praying differently. I’ve started praying things like, “God, help me to notice where you are at work today.” and “God, I know you are present, help me to recognize your presence.”. For others I’ve been praying, “Jesus, help them to notice you in their day to day activities this week.” and “God, we know you are always near, help this person to clearly recognize your nearness today.”.

It has helped me be much more intentional as I go about my days. It has also helped expand my theology of who God is as I declare his character in my prayers. He is present, he is working, he is near. My job is to be on the lookout for him. I teach this to kids all of the time and realized I wasn’t actually living it out in my own personal life. Conviction 👋🏼

I’m on the lookout for God today, are you? Join me and let’s see just where we notice him in our regular mundane Thursday.

Cheering you on,

Mel 🙂